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“There are so many great programs out there to help make it affordable to get buyers in homes, and you won’t find the perfect one for you until you, MAKE THE CALL!”

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A licensed realtor since 2001, Pavlica has a passion for real estate and understands it is one of the biggest financial decisions that many of us will make. For 20 years, Pavlica has worked tirelessly to build strategies and processes that have successfully made her team the best realtors in Kenosha for years!


Many people, and maybe you fall into this category, are hesitant or afraid to reach out to someone for help when looking to buy a home. They might think they do not have enough money saved or have high enough credit, but the reality is that this step is crucial regardless of what is in the bank!

Getting in touch with the right person can help set the right framework for the rest of the process. They can help you create a plan to get you in your dream home as quickly and easily as possible. 

If you wait to call until you are, “ready” there may be things that should have taken place first which would then further prolong your buying process. This can be avoided by taking early action and getting in touch with a professional earlier!

There are so many great programs out there to help make it affordable to get buyers in homes, and you won’t find the perfect one for you until you, MAKE THE CALL!

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You absolutely cannot start looking at homes until your Pre-Approval is in place. 

Pre-approval, by definition, is pre-qualification for a loan from a specified lender. I know how tempting it can be to start looking at houses—it’s the fun part! However, trust me when I say it will cause so much more stress to start looking before you get pre-approved.

We are in such a fast-paced market, that sellers won’t even consider an offer without a pre-approval. You absolutely cannot skip this step!


This simple, initial step will make the remainder of the house-buying process so much more smooth! Our team can listen to all of your goals for your dream home and really understand your wants and needs. We’ll explain the full process so that you feel fully prepared and confident before making any big decisions. 

Save yourself the stress, and call us to talk first!

The right plan, strategies, and processes can make a HUGE difference for you now and your entire future. It’s so important to feel comfortable and confident you are with the right agent who is experienced with an extremely detailed and strategic approach. 

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I can’t tell you how many of my clients have had such great success with this extra, personable step. Writing a personal letter to the seller of your dream home not only expresses major interest, but it helps create a connection and instill trust with the seller that you are going to take great care of their—soon to be your—home.

Often, sellers have years of hard work and love put into their home, and they almost always choose to sell to someone who they trust will carry this on.

I’ve even seen sellers choose a lower offer purely based on the personal letter from the buyer!! To add to that, I have seen houses sell for less than their asking price because they were so touched by the personal letter! 

This often-missed step is so important that it had to make its way into my Expert’s Guide to Buying.

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